Oklahoma Sports Science and Orthopedics


Oklahoma Sports Science and Orthopedics

When a patient comes in with a stuffy nose or a swollen thumb, Dr. Jenna Crowder does more than offer a pill to fix the problem. She’s interested in everything that affects a patient’s well-being. “My goals are to treat each patient as a whole person and help them make decisions that lead to better health,” she says.

Oklahoma hasn’t historically been viewed as a leading state in promoting healthy living. Like many of her fellow OU Medical School graduates, Dr. Crowder left the area in search of other opportunities. But unlike most of her colleagues, she soon found her way back. “I didn’t feel like I could say negative things about the health of the state when I didn’t live here,” she says. “Oklahoma is making strides, and it’s exciting to see the progress.” She points to the construction of new walking trails as one positive step.

Dr. Crowder is board certified in family and sports medicine. Since both specialties emphasize a healthy lifestyle, it’s a perfect blend for her. “Sports medicine gives me insight into how all people can become healthier and prevent problems down the road,” she says. She sees patients of all ages but especially enjoys working with adolescents. “I think they’re very fun,” she says. “They’re becoming more independent, and it’s nice to be there for them at that point in their lives to help make good choices.”

Dr. Crowder’s practice is part of Oklahoma Sports Science and Orthopedics, a healthcare provider that shares her commitment to treating the whole person. Along with offering a wide range of orthopedic care, OSSO includes board certified specialists in pain management, women’s health care, gastroenterology, and more. “A lot of practices are moving toward a holistic, patient-centered approach where people can get all the care they need in one place,” says Dr. Crowder. 

“Medicine is getting better at looking at the whole person and not just seeing the one thing that brought someone in to see a doctor. It’s not ever just that one thing.” In addition to the Edmond clinic where Dr. Crowder practices, OSSO has several outpatient facilities and two community hospitals in the metro area.

Dr. Crowder’s practice is located at 1616 S. Kelly in Edmond. To schedule an appointment, call 405-348-8838 or visit www.ossonetwork.com/jennacrowder

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