Okie Mermaids

Edmond Company Brings Folklore to Life
Think mermaids only live under the sea? Think again.

Although Edmond is far from an ocean, Robert and Angela Mullens have built a landlocked mermaid business using their imagination and talent. Their company, FoxMoon Productions, specializes in custom-made mermaid costumes and performances. Their colorful and creative spandex mermaid tails are sold around the world via their slogan: “Make Your Mermaid Dreams Come True.”

The couple started the business in 1999 with the goal “to bring a little magic into people’s lives,” Angela said. “For just a little while, people are able to have an actual mermaid before their eyes,” she said.

Angela is the costumer, coordinator, performer/model, administrative assistant and web designer for FoxMoon Productions. She creates the tails sold and used in their “Merfolk” performances.

Nearly all the mermaid costumes are suitable for both land and water. “I think most of the tails actually look better in water,” she said.

Angela said she’s enjoyed making costumes since she was a teenager. She doesn’t have formal training, she said, but plenty of experience has led her to this profession. She designs the tails, full-body mermaid costumes, seashell swim tops and starfish swim tops.

“They draw a lot of attention,” Robert said. “Who would expect to see a mermaid in Oklahoma? We like to ‘spin a tale’ to encourage the imagination of our audience and in the process we try to ‘net’ an income. But, to see a child’s eyes light up when they see one of our mermaids is what makes it all worthwhile.”

Robert is an aerospace engineer and works at Tinker Air Force Base for his “real” job.

Angela said her passion for performing as a mermaid began in 2000 at the Medieval Fair in Norman, where she worked as a volunteer mermaid at the Beggar’s Bridge. When she performs, children often ask her if she knows Ariel from the movie “The Little Mermaid.”

“Robert tells them that Ariel is just a cartoon but I’m an actual mermaid,” she said.

Friends and volunteers Kathy and Mike Jones have participated in the Mullens’ business for more than three years. “I enjoy mermaid acting because it causes me to use expressive body language,” Kathy said. “It’s one of the most unusual roles I’ve had because I can’t speak during the performances. That’s the epitome of the (theatrical) challenge.”

The Mullens’ Merfolk have performed in medieval fairs and other venues in Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas. They also perform at birthday parties. “The mermaids interact and have fun with those present,” Robert said. “Sometimes I interpret what they’re communicating to the audience. It’s a family-oriented business, and family includes adults. Men, women and children all enjoy the tails we sell and the performances we give. Mermaids have earned a place in human folklore. Our job is to bring this folklore to life.”

The couple reported that underwater photography is especially fun for the mermaids. The Mullenses were recently invited to participate in an underwater photo shoot in Aufkirchen, Germany, at a dive center. They spent several days being photographed by a German photographer who is among their mermaid fans.

FoxMoon productions offers a variety of tails for purchase with a nearly unlimited amount of custom merfolk tail options available. The basic costume price starts at $175. They also sell other mermaid merchandise, Renaissance-inspired costumes, jewelry, medieval replica arms and armor. The phone number for the Edmond company is 405-476-1718. Their products can be viewed online www.FoxMoonProductions.com.

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