Okie Grown Food Purees

What happens when an IT specialist, events coordinator and chef become neighbors? A brilliant food puree business is born, of course! Think smoothies, minus any chemicals or additives, with delicious fruit, veggie and meat combos in convenient 4-ounce squeeze pouches. Uber-organic (right down to the packaging), locally sourced, and naturally delicious, these powerful packets are a satisfying and nutritious find for anyone who is hungry, health-conscious or in a hurry.

A Mission for Better Nutrition

When Edmond resident Kylie Dixon began thinking about food for her 6-month-old child, she was surprised to find that “even ‘organic’ baby foods may contain preservatives, heavy metals and chemicals.” Knowing that her neighbor, Kody Harris, was a celebrated chef with numerous restaurants, and neighbor Janna Harris was an IT Specialist and renowned pastry chef, Kylie asked them to make baby food for her child. “I wasn’t really into it,” Kody admits. “Baby food seemed boring, but Kylie was very persistent.” After looking at products in stores, comparing ingredients and creating her own purees, Kody thought, “Maybe this could be a thing.”

Packet Power

Chefs Kody and Janna worked for a year sourcing all the local, organic ingredients possible and formulating recipes around what was abundant here, like sweet potatoes, root vegetables and apples. Although items like bananas, pineapples and mangos have to be purchased out of state, Okie Grown’s mission from the beginning has been hyper-local.

In April this year, Okie Grown began selling their purees at the Arcadia Farmer’s Market, and are now also sold in Edmond, Tulsa and Piedmont. Online orders are quickly growing too, as people of all ages and nutritional needs are discovering the benefits of these healthy purees. “At the Arcadia Farmer’s Market, we learned about an entirely different world of people with eating issues, like those dealing with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, strokes or chemotherapy,” Janna remarks. “It’s uplifting to provide food for them.”

Main Squeeze

There’s something so satisfying about the silky smooth purees in chilled pouches that you can slurp on, a little at a time, taking in all the flavors. The Berry A’ Peeling is a tart and sweet blend of organic strawberry, banana, broccoli, prune and EVOO. The Peachy-Blues is another fruity fare and the Pineapple of My Eye is a surprisingly hearty combo incorporating mango, kale and prune. If you need an immunity boost, the Well Baby packs a powerful punch of organic strawberry, blueberry, rutabaga and pineapple, plus flax seed, prune, turmeric, agave, elderberry, coconut and EVOO. Even if you’re feeling fine, this thicker puree hits all the robust, fresh tastes you crave, complete with a slight chew. So good!

No need to give up meat if you’re eating on the go. The Gobble-Gobble is a Thanksgiving feast in a packet, with organic turkey and bone broth, cranberry, sweet potato, cinnamon and clove. Add a side of Best Spuddies–a sensational, pie-like sweet potato combo. Or try the Bok-Bok, made with pasture-raised chicken fed on non-GMO grain and no corn. Seasonal puree newcomers like roasted butternut squash and pumpkin spice are making their debut this month too.

Okie Grown Food Purees take the guesswork out of eating organic, and make healthy eating a fun and flavorful convenience. Just as their slogan says, “Okie Grown is just real, good food.”

Visit okiegrownfoods.com for product locations, or to order online. Delivery is also available.

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