2006, OKgamers.com sprang to life to fulfill a simple purpose: Saif Khan loved
playing “Soul Caliber III” and needed to find a challenging opponent. He
launched the website and soon he had all the competition he could handle.

realized he was onto something. He broadened the site to include a variety of
games, from retro first person shooters to tabletop board games; and all types
of gamers, from casual players to the hardcore elite.

years later, OKgamers.com now boasts 2,500 members and frequent gaming tournaments.
Each month, the site enjoys tens of thousands of hits.

site is the best place in Oklahoma to meet fellow gamers, to commiserate, to
find tournaments and to set up tournaments,” Cody Farrah, Edmond resident,
says. “It’s completely free and everyone is welcome.”

become a nexus for Oklahoma gamers to connect and organize. Regular events are
held across the state at places like Play N Trade at 33rd Street and Broadway.
It’s a place to discuss games, anime, technology and more.

in his mid-20s, has been a member for more than a year. One of his favorite
games is “Left 4 Dead 2,” a popular Xbox 360 title where players control one of
four zombie apocalypse survivors in New Orleans. It’s a cooperative
first-person shooter game, which means Farrah is no longer battling against his
friends, but working with them.

has a great basis of teamwork; you really have to work together. It takes great
leadership,” Farrah says. “Typically,
players are calm and helpful becaus