It isn’t just an intriguing name that sets The Oily Barbell weightlifting and strength-training gym apart from the rest.

Michael Carpenter, Owner of the Oily BarbellMichael Carpenter, budding gym owner and former oil field worker, hopes that it’s also the spacious facility, wide availability of weights and up-to-snuff equipment that wins people over. Carpenter opened the club at 13905 N. Lincoln Boulevard in Edmond in September and said customers already are noticing this gym is different than the ones they’ve visited before.

“I was in the oil field as a directional driller for eight years and as the oil industry slowed, I spent more time at home and working out at a facility north of Edmond,” Carpenter said. “I stood around and counted 80 people in the weightroom and there was only one place to squat. At that point, I decided it was time to open up another facility. This just wasn’t working.”

So, who exactly is a good fit for The Oily Barbell?

“Anybody who is tired of waiting on a squat rack,” Carpenter said. “Anybody who’s been cramped inside a crazy-busy weightroom. Any CrossFitters who are tired of going to the classes and would like to have a little more open gym time. And of course any beginner who is intimidated by weight training would be welcome to come by.”

Carpenter expects to see many athletes, including football and basketball players as well as wrestlers, plus those training for Strongman and powerlifting competitions.

The weightlifting club offers members Strongman implements, three squat racks, three barbells for deadlift exercises, Olympic lifting platforms, Jerk Blocks, Atlas Stones, sandbags and a yoke, among other pieces of equipment.

Right now, The Oily Barbell offers a free 45-minute to one-hour strength coaching session—as often as needed—to anyone who becomes a member.

The club will host a strength competition Nov. 5, with all money raised going to the Oklahoma Special Olympics. The organization is near to Carpenter’s heart, as his sister and a longtime friend have special needs. Event check-in is at 11am and the competition kicks off at 1pm. Preregister by emailing

“Everyone’s invited,” Carpenter said. “You can come to watch or stop by to make a donation.”

To learn more, visit, call 463-5724 or email

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