NOVEMBER BUSINESS: Journey Quilt Company

It’s no wonder Journey Quilt Company has outgrown its first location, nearly doubled its space and upped its employees from one to six in just two years. The idea of hanging on to life’s fondest memories, of having a tactile reminder of those we love, seems to resonate deeply throughout the Edmond area.

Trish Maxwell, owner of Journey Quilt Company“No matter what path you’ve traveled or what passion you have, the sentimental level is just through the roof with t-shirt quilts,” said Trish Maxwell, who opened Journey Quilt Company in October 2014.

The shop, now located at 16502 N. Pennsylvania Ave., specializes in mosaic T-shirt quilts, meaning the blocks of fabric don’t create an even grid but are sized to suit each shirt’s graphic and then stitched together in a collage. Customers often request quilts made from T-shirts collected from vacations, their favorite sports teams, events they’ve organized or attended, concerts—you name it, she’s done it.

This sentence could be rewritten as “Journey Quilt Company also offers quilts and pillows made from other wardrobe items. Maxwell uses button-down shirts and ties, and even creates sunset quilts to honor the memory of a loved one who has passed. Maxwell mounts shirts, or in other words, takes the section of the shirt that includes the collar, button and pockets, and spotlights that in the piece.

“Those are incredibly touching and it gives them something to hold onto when they’ve lost somebody—something tangible,” she said. “It sort of brings that person back to life.”

With the holidays on their way, residents around the metro area might consider giving the gift of nostalgia in the form of a personalized quilt or pillow. “It’s a rare gift that’s not only sentimental, but helps you clean out your closets at the same time,” Maxwell jested. Because of the high demand this season, it’s best to get orders in immediately to ensure the shop can complete them before the holidays.

Every day the shop owner gets the chance to meet new people—and see old customers, some of whom are returning for their fourth or fifth item—and learn more about the person behind the pieces of clothing.

“Literally everyone who comes in has a unique story,” Maxwell said. “I don’t have to worry about making small talk because the whole time I’m going through the process of measuring T-shirts, they’re coming forward with their stories about each one as we go.”

Learn more about Journey Quilt Company by visiting, by calling 340-0444 or emailing

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