My Two Beautiful Boys

Mother raises awareness

Drug overdose. It’s every parent’s fear, and now that Denise Roberts has lived through it twice, she’s on a mission to raise awareness.

“Because if you find out your child has cancer, there’s support. If you find out your kid’s addicted to drugs, nothing happens. Silence. There was no support. Family members pull away. No casseroles brought to the house,” Denise said. “I didn’t know what to do. I tried so hard, but I lost them.”

Denise never saw it coming when drug addiction invaded her teenagers’ lives.

“I gave birth to two beautiful boys, Matthew and Dillan, both born on July 17th, four years apart. Their stepdad, Tom, was their ‘every day’ dad, and we were almost that perfect family. We did sports together, we went to church, the boys were in private school. We were extremely involved parents, and then my husband died tragically young from a heart attack in 2008– and my boys just went into a downward spiral.”

It was at Tom’s funeral that Denise discovered Dillan ha