orange rex

Name: Orange Rex, Entertainer Extraordinaire

You graduated from Edmond Memorial. Did you grow up in Edmond?

I was born in OKC and moved to Edmond in 6th grade. I purchased a home near UCO when I was 21 and have lived there ever since.
How did you become an entertainer?
I am a natural ham. Gravity pulls me to the center of attention. I learned to
juggle at 14 from a magician’s assistant while working at Frontier City and
the rest followed from there.

Who were your heroes or role models?

One of my greatest mentors was Otis Hornish a.k.a. Jingles the Clown. He
saw me juggling at the State Fair when I was 15 and offered to pay for a clown
seminar in exchange for volunteer hours performing with his clown troupe.
After a three-day Extreme Clown Makeover, Jughead the Clown was born. The professional clowns took me in, taught me and put me to work. Although I retired Jughead at 23, I still use many of my clown skills today. Special thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Breezy, Chester, Tupper and of course Jingles for teaching a
young man to embrace wonder.

How long have you been wearing orange?

I’ve worn orange every day for 15 years now. The percentage
changes with mood and style but it’s always there.
Does it end with clothing or do you buy everything in orange?
Most of my personal effects and decor are either orange or
accented with. I have an orange toothbrush, eyeglasses, dishes,
sheets and wallet. I use orange lighters and yes, I like oranges.

How did you decide on orange? Do you ever get tired of it?

I suppose simply because it suits me. Blue is actually my favorite color, but I
can’t imagine being Blue Rex. Orange matches my personality and makes me
stand out. It’s hard to forget the big orange guy with half a mustache and goatee.

Have you met anyone famous in your adventures as Orange Rex?

I’ve played poker with Willie Nelson, partied with the Beastie Boys and looked down on
Shaquille O’Neal from stilts. Tony Hawk bought me a shot, although I think he put it on
Johnny Knoxville’s tab. I crashed Prince’s birthday party and once P. Diddy referred to me
as a “pimp.” I’ve also shook hands with the last three presidents. There’s more, but I didn’t
mention the ones I don’t like.

You just opened a new store called The Back Room?

Yes, The Back Room is a retro, antique and art gallery located at 1503 N. Meridian that my
girlfriend Jessie and I recently opened. To learn more visit

Any advice for young aspiring entertainers out there?

Perform for your audience and not for yourself. Be proud of your talent and eager to learn. Diversity is also very important. The more talents you acquire, the easier it is to make a
career. I am mostly known for my work with fire, but I also stilt walk, juggle, make balloons,
design props, photograph and emcee events.

To contact Orange Rex for a performance or keep up with his
adventures, find him at

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