My Birthday Gift

My Birthday Gift Louise

August brings a significant birthday my way. How significant? I’ll let you guess on that one. And being a “senior” with the COVID-19 crisis still going full force and my son, Jay, having a compromised immune system, I suspect a party will not be taking place. So I’m wondering what I might do to celebrate this milestone in my life without leaving home.

When my kids were young, I hung streamers in their doorway so they would wake to a celebratory day. They would also find a personalized, Happy Birthday sign and balloons in the kitchen in anticipation of an after-school party with cake, presents and special friends. Of course, activities changed as they got older, but it was always a festive occasion for every family member. Birthdays deserve a celebration.

When our older children were grown and had left home, my late husband, Carl, would often get up early and put up a decorative banner and twinkle lights to greet me on my birthday. After his death, it took a while for me to again enjoy a celebration, but eventually, my son, Jay, and I began the tradition of visiting my oldest son, Aaron and his family in Arkansas. Grandchildren make a