My Birthday Gift

My Birthday Gift Louise

August brings a significant birthday my way. How significant? I’ll let you guess on that one. And being a “senior” with the COVID-19 crisis still going full force and my son, Jay, having a compromised immune system, I suspect a party will not be taking place. So I’m wondering what I might do to celebrate this milestone in my life without leaving home.

When my kids were young, I hung streamers in their doorway so they would wake to a celebratory day. They would also find a personalized, Happy Birthday sign and balloons in the kitchen in anticipation of an after-school party with cake, presents and special friends. Of course, activities changed as they got older, but it was always a festive occasion for every family member. Birthdays deserve a celebration.

When our older children were grown and had left home, my late husband, Carl, would often get up early and put up a decorative banner and twinkle lights to greet me on my birthday. After his death, it took a while for me to again enjoy a celebration, but eventually, my son, Jay, and I began the tradition of visiting my oldest son, Aaron and his family in Arkansas. Grandchildren make any day special.

But since we will be staying home this year, I’m trying to figure out how to plan my own home-sheltered birthday party. Definitely need a cake. I enjoy baking so will probably make it myself. Of course it will be chocolate! I already have ice cream. Don’t need candles. Could trigger smoke alarms! And presents? Believe me, I have more books, trinkets and gadgets than I need. Keepsakes are special to me, but I already have a house and a heart full of them.

So I can think of only one request for my birthday. Prayer! Say a special prayer for me! For my family! For this amazing country I have always called home! Pray for friends, neighbors, leaders, and people everywhere. Pray for health, healing and harmony. Pray for God’s love and peace to reign over this world! Now that, my friends, would be a perfect birthday gift!


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