Million Dollar Homes

All houses are not created equally. From blueprint to construction and furnishing, some Edmond area homes are truly magnificent.

For example, just east of town, Aaron Dodson of Dodson Custom Homes built his house as a show home. It is open almost every weekend for viewing and is featured in the Parade of Homes.

“The idea was to build a home that could show everything that we are able to do,” Dodson said. “At the same time I wanted to build a home that’s easy to live in as well as everything inside the home easily be able to function with everything else.”

As you enter the house, through a modest garage, you will find yourself inside a large, yet simple laundry room. This is where the simplicity ends. After leaving the utility room, you enter an octagon-shaped room that could best be described as the “hub” for the rest of the house, with twenty-five foot ceilings, complete with a beautiful gold chandelier and milk-chocolate colored walls made from European Beechwood.

From this room, you enter the kitchen.  One of the most eye-catching features of this fascinating room is the charming white oak floor. All the counter tops are granite, including the island, which is big enough to spend a weekend getaway.  One very unique feature is the built-in coffee grotto, complete with coffee and espresso makers and a full line of gourmet coffees from around the world.

Another fascinating feature is a tile Divinci Mural just above the range.  Created by Patrick Kanaly of Image Arts in Edmond, the mural is a wonderful fit to the enticing kitchen. “The tiles can be used in showers, backsplashes, bar tops, floors and even pools,” Kanaly said. “We also do this type of print on tiles made from porcelain, tumbled stone, glass and ceramic.”  

As you leave the kitchen, you exit through an arched wine grotto with counter tops of copper and walls lined with Cabernet Sauvignons, Merlots and Chiantis.

The grotto opens into a spacious living area, complete with old New England style ceiling beams and a fireplace built from granite and dark knotty Alder.  For complete comfort, just flip a switch and you have a roaring fire and dim lights.

The dining room sits off of the living area and can easily accommodate eight to ten guests for holiday dinners. Overhead the high ceiling glows a deep maroon as special detail was paid to the elegance of a ceiling carved from Purple Heart wood from South Africa and dark brown floors made from Brazilian Walnut.

A sixteen-foot door encased in majestic white stone, splendid tile floors and eight columns make up the welcoming entry and a grand hall.

A few interesting facts about the house are that each room is complete with wireless Internet access and surround sound stereo as well as an intercom system. In constructing the house, three miles of telephone, Ethernet and electrical wire were required. Fifty tons of rock siding and forty four thousand bricks were needed by the end of construction.    

On the far end of the hall lies one of the most impressive rooms in the entire home, the master bedroom.  A spacious room that pays close attention to fine detail includes chandelier bedside lamps that hang from high ceilings and a two-way fireplace that warms both the bedroom and master bath, overlooking the large hot tub style bath.

Upstairs we find a gorgeous second master suite and a long hallway, which leads to a beautiful wrought iron design that overlooks the spacious living room. At the end of the hall are four dark brown, mahogany bookshelves.

Here, you’ll find the house’s most unexpected feature. By opening the far right, ceiling to floor bookshelf, in much the same way as you open a door, you enter a sixteen by thirty five foot home theater, complete with stadium seating, recliners for six and a one hundred and thirty five square inch projection television. There is a wet bar in the back of the room for refreshments and the latest in audio equipment is just a touch away.  A perfect place to unwind after a busy day or even a home tour.

For information on Dodson Custom Homes, contact Aaron Dodson at or at 326-8111. For more information about how Image Arts can custom print your photo to art, go to or call 348-2787.

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