Master Planning Your Yard

Don Booher and his team at Branching Out approach landscaping with an innovative process called “Master Planning.” The process folds together the homeowner’s needs, architectural design and development with a task-independent approach to improvement. It allows homeowners to step into landscaping – a section at a time – without wasting money or time.

Says Booher, “Many of my clients think that landscaping is only planting shrubs. I often hear, ‘I can’t believe you can do that,’ as they consider patio enlargements, walkways, swimming pools, outdoor cooking areas, fireplaces, fountains, cabanas, lighting, retaining walls and other improvements.”

The most important quality of Booher’s process is the realization of a plan that blends harmoniously and seamlessly with a home. Without planning, homeowners can spend big money for subpar results. “Many times I see thousands of dollars invested in a yard with inadequate results,” says Booher. “This happens when homeowners hire contractors to just ‘put something in’ without regard to the scale, function or appearance of an overall plan.” It’s not uncommon for homeowners to ask Branching Out to landscape around unplanned, one-off additions to improve their appearance.

Avoid one-off additions to the yard and work with a more comprehensive wish list. Items to think about include gardens, outdoor entertainment areas, night lighting, grills, fire pits, swimming pools, and fountains. Think about space, color and how a family will use the yard. Installing each of these items without integrating them into a master plan can leave a yard looking like a cautionary tale about impulsive afterthoughts.  

See next months issue for Don’s advice about swimming pools! For more information about putting together a master plan for your yard, callBranching Out at 405-844-2224.

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