MARCH BUSINESS: Bright Smile Family Dentistry

Several factors come into play when running a successful business. With Bright Smile Family Dentistry, it’s clear one factor has risen to the top of the list, and that’s customer convenience.

Dr. Eli Jarjoura and the team at Bright Smile Family DentistryDr. Eli Jarjoura prides himself on making the dentist’s office experience as convenient as possible for all patients. Jarjoura and his staff eliminate multiple appointments, meaning if more than one procedure can be done in one visit to save patients’ time, they are scheduled on the same day.

For instance, while crowns used to require multiple visits, crowns now can be made in-house in just one hour. With three dentists spanning multiple areas of expertise, they’re hard pressed to find a procedure they can’t do.

“We do molar extractions to root canals, crowns and bridges, implants, partials and dentures—and it’s all done in-house,” Jarjoura said. “There’s sedation on top of that. That’s extremely convenient to the patient—it reduces their anxiety.”

Following convenience, cost is important to the business. Jarjoura is especially proud of the price of fillings, which are capped at $99, regardless of how big or small.

For Jarjoura, one of the best parts of running the practice is not only providing a much-needed service, but helping and comforting patients. And the payoff? The gratitude at the appointment’s end.

“When they come in holding their face in such severe pain and then when they’re relieved—it’s that look in their eyes, a thank-you or a handshake. We made them feel so much better.”

“I’ve had patients in their 70s who say they’ve waited all their lives to get that color teeth or get their alignment changed. They walk out with a nice, white smile. I can see it in their eyes, the boost in their self-confidence. That’s the reward I get.”

Jarjoura, also an Oklahoma County deputy sheriff, said he’s proud to run a business within the Edmond community, where he’s lived about 30 years.

“When I built my office, there was nothing around me, and now it looks like there’s a mini-city out there,” Jarjoura said. “That growth is what gives you the feeling of success, that you’re doing something right. People want to come and be a part of it when they see it.”

Learn more and book an appointment at, or call (405) 844-8887 for either location at 1700 S Sunnylane Rd, Del City, or 3225 Teakwood Ln, Edmond.

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