Making A Difference


As a writer, I love seeing my words in books or magazines, but some of my best writing has never been published. You see, what I consider my greatest work is often meant for only one person. 

Several years ago, I got word that my aunt in Montana died. Unable to attend the memorial service, I planned to send a card. But just as I sat down to sign it, memories of my aunt, uncle and cousins flashed through my mind. Summers when I was young and their family visited us in Oklahoma. Dozens of relatives gathered at our house for homemade ice cream, “catch-up” conversation and lots of hugs. 

I also remembered a trip to their home in Montana when I was a teenager. We attended the State Fair and went fishing in peaceful mountain streams. I thought of all the ways my aunt had been kind to me and decided to share my memories in a letter. 

A few weeks later, I received a note from my uncle telling me how much my letter meant to him. He counted it as a tribute to my aunt. It was then that I realized not all the words God gifted me with were meant for the public. Some are meant to comfort those in grief or to help someone going through a tough