Making a Difference

Passion comes easy when you know your effort makes a difference in the lives of those you serve. Blake and Bekah Graham’s passion is American-style Tae Kwon Do. Their goal is to see students become healthy from the inside out through Martial Arts Ministry.

Both second degree black belts, the Grahams have ten years combined teaching experience at several large dojos. As instructors, their hearts ached to provide the physical, emotional and even spiritual benefits to families who couldn’t afford classes.

“We took this idea to our pastors and decided to create a non-profit organization so we could accept donations for scholarships. We wanted to offer high quality instruction, but on a smaller pricing scale,” said Bekah.

The school is even uniquely equipped to teach children with special needs, such as cerebral palsy with a doctor’s consent. “Our student with CP had horrible core strength and we’ve seen him go from not being able to do a sit up, or pushup, or kick above his knees, to kicking waist high, doing pushups and up to 50 crunches,” said Bekah. “He’s a student who was bullied because of his disability. He’s gone from shy and afraid, to confident and capable of defending himself.”

They stress the difference between aggression and boldness and Bekah said that works especially well for students with aggressive behavior. “We had a four year old with aggression issues,” she remembers. “He just turned six and he’s now controlled, confident and has a lot more focus. We know that low self esteem is typical with bullying and his boosted self esteem actually stopped that behavior.