Lunchbox Dad

Lunchbox Dad

Beau Coffron looks back on the day he sent his daughter to kindergarten as a bittersweet occasion. In an effort to connect with her during the school day, he designed a Hello Kitty lunch. Too young to read a note, he knew she’d light up when she saw her favorite character. The small gesture, and just a little extra time in preparation, gave his daughter something to look forward to.

Her lunch box would soon draw a following not only in the lunchroom but online. Beau came to be known as the “Lunchbox Dad,” posting photos and tutorials on his blog. The blog went viral. Beau has been featured on many national

television shows, magazines, and websites. Lunchbox Dad has more than 36,000 followers on Instagram, 28,000 followers on Pinterest, and 46,000 followers on Facebook. The brand has garnered the attention of national sponsors like Babybel, who took his family on an all-expenses paid trip to Disney World. Beau accepts sponsorships from products he actually likes and uses. His desire is to encourage parents to be thoughtful about what they feed their kids, giving them a way to connect while also making lunch fun.

Beau says it’s hard to top the Disney World experience, but a meaningful experience has been the opportunity to contribute to Kraft’s Birthday Party Project. This opportunity brings the magic of a birthday party to homeless youth who would otherwise not have a party. Beau celebrates with the youth and leads them through the process of creating a well-balanced and, of course, fun lunch. 

Beau has two younger sons. His middle child wasn’t so sure about the attention his lunchbox drew at school. He carefully opens it as to not draw much attention. His younger son doesn’t mind the attention but can be a little picky. Beau says, “Using characters to introduce foods has encouraged him to try something new.” Not everyday is a special lunchbox day. He works full time in addition to running Lunchbox Dad. His kids don’t expect

Mickey Mouse or Star Wars at every meal. Creative lunches are set for Mondays and prepared on Sundays after dinner. Mealtimes are very important at the Coffron house, no technology is allowed at the dinner table. Beau is aware that he’s setting an example for his children when it comes to technology use. Although his jobs require him to spend time online, he strives to set boundaries when it comes to screen time. He seeks out opportunities through Lunchbox Dad that either benefit or include his family.

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