LTJ: A Sabbath Rest

I have had a very busy month. Actually, more like two months. During these weeks I celebrated 45 years of marriage, met half a dozen writing deadlines and took my son, Jay, to doctors for a very painful foot which turned out to be a stress fracture—yes, he is in an orthopedic boot.  I was keynote speaker at a couple of women’s retreats, advocated for my son with special needs at a hearing with DDSD, sold the house our family lived in for 22 years, bought another house, celebrated Jay’s 35th birthday with a party in Tulsa, and survived a round of “shingles.”  It was my second time around for this “dastardly disease” and for those who aren’t acquainted with this illness, just know that it has nothing to do with roofing!

Of course, there were other things going on like laundry, cooking, cleaning (well, a little), along with talking to my grandchildren via phone and even seeing a few videos of their activities.  The sight of a three-year-old fishing and a five-year-old doing Taekwondo are award winners in this grandmother’s book.  But today I am simply relaxing—“chilling” as the younger generation says.  No deadlines on today’s calendar.  No place I have to be in this 24-hour period other than taking Jay for his daily Coke.  There is no one ill or in dire need—a huge blessing.  No business calls on my agenda and no planned visitors that would throw me into a cleaning frenzy.  Just warm sunshine blanketing my heart and home.  A peaceful time.  A respite