LTJ: A Million Prayers For a Miracle

I’m veering from my regular column this month to make a request of my readers. Please pray for my husband. On Thursday, May 12, Carl was diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas. We are stunned beyond belief. Shocked. Devastated.

How does such a destructive disease harbor itself in the body? The shortness of breath, weakness and other symptoms earned him a trip to the Heart Hospital where a cath was performed, but the heart was not the problem and only weakened him further before receiving the cancer diagnosis. Now he struggles to walk from one end of our house to the other and hasn’t even started chemotherapy yet. We see an oncologist on Monday, May 16 to find out how this disease will be treated.

Perhaps some of you identify with our dilemma. Maybe you have a loved one going through a similar situation. I’m so sorry for your pain and suffering. I want to help my husband and I do all I can, but I can’t perform a miracle, which is what he needs. However, I know a God who can perform miracles so I pray. I’m asking for a miracle of health and healing for my husband. I pray for it with every breath that I take. When I’m cooking, cleaning, walking, eating, driving, talking, listening, sleeping, I’m also praying. Even as I type this
column, I pray.

I am in constant communication with Jesus, reminding him that he did miracles of healing when he walked on this earth and the Bible says he is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, so I pray, plead and beg for one of those real live miracles for my husband, this man I have leaned on for support in every life situation. The one who has always held me when I’ve cried ten thousand tears over life’s painful circumstances—deaths of our children, depression, disease, despair and so many shattered dreams. I want him to hold me another twenty years. Even ten years or five would find me thankful. The truth is that every day, every minute is a blessing.

So now, we hold on to each other as we face this diagnosis and treatment. Carl is still the stronger one. Last night, he held me and prayed a blessing over me—for God to protect me, to give me an extra measure of strength. He thanked God for the many years of love we have shared as I laid my head on his chest and cried. Forgive me for getting so sentimental but I need this man like a flower needs water. We have been in love since we were 18 years old. I don’t know how to survive without him. Our sons need him—he’s Dad to one and Daddy to the other. They need his love, guidance, wisdom and even his humor.

My world has turned upside down, fallen totally off its axis as we travel this journey, and nothing will ever be right without my life partner beside me. So I am asking you to join me in praying a “million prayers for a miracle” for my husband. One day you may ask someone to do the same for you. I hope the answer will be yes!

It is with great sadness we
update this story with news that Carl
Jones lost his short valiant battle with Pancreatic Cancer. Please join
us in keeping L
ouise and her family in your prayers as they mourn the
passing of a beloved father and husband. For more information visit

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