LOUISE: Snake!

snakeOkay, I was minding my own business, getting my son, Jay, set up to watch TV, having removed the orthopedic boot he was wearing for a stress fracture. Afterwards, I opened the back door, as is my daily routine, to let in the morning light when what to my wondering eyes should appear on the threshold of the doorway but a SNAKE! No, I was not wearing my SUPER MOM shirt as in years past when a large, black serpent sidled up to our patio door then disappeared into the monkey grass.

Having three young ones at home at that time, I yanked on my boots and grabbed a garden hoe to go search out the creature. Not sure how to kill a snake with a gardening tool but that’s what my mama always used on the farm to kill such creepy critters when I was growing up. It seemed fitting that I was wearing the SUPER MOM shirt the kids had given me for Mother’s Day. Now I had to prove I was one. Thankfully, my husband drove up and saved the day after staring at me in disbelief and laughing himself silly over my appearance. Thank goodness there were no cell phones to snap pictures in those days.

So here I am, years later, and faced with another cold-blooded creature. I slammed the door shut, feeling certain that would save us