LOUISE: Heavenly Christmas

Louise ChristmasI can’t believe it’s December with Christmas around the corner. Another first without my husband. Just got through Thanksgiving and now comes the “holiday of all holidays.” To tell the truth, I would like to skip Christmas. In fact, I’d like to skip the whole month of December with all its festivities. I’m not feeling very “merry.” Not ready to shop, string lights on my house or even put up a Christmas tree. I’d rather hibernate through this season and come out when life is full again, whenever that might be.

Last month I spent a few weeks in Arkansas, getting reacquainted with my grandchildren. My first trip without Carl. And as I sat in my little rental house in Bella Vista, I kept thinking, “There must be more!” Grief is so difficult. Just when you get through one layer, another presents itself. I vacillate between being angry with God and searching books on Heaven to see what believers can expect.

Though I marvel at the biblical description of streets of gold and gates of pearl, I am more intrigued by the fact that every person will have a place and a purpose fitted perfectly for them. You will feel more at home in h