LOUISE: Fall Festival

Candy Apple

Growing up in a small farming community during the ‘50s was about as good as it gets, especially in October. There was the beauty of fall foliage and crisp cool air, but the best thing was a fun indoor carnival, which our little country school hosted for the whole community.

The gymnasium would be full of events for all ages. Each grade in the school was responsible for some type of booth. I remember the year I was in 5th grade we had a candy store. Each student was asked to “volunteer” to bring certain homemade sweets. I agreed to bring candy apples, though in truth I had never tasted the delicacy. My mother was stunned when she found out what I was expected to bring. She had never made such a thing and truly had no desire to cook sugary syrup in which to dip an apple. Seemed fruitless to her (pardon the pun). But knowing her daughter would never make it on her own, she managed to get a recipe and help me make candy apples. Not sure of their success. Well, they were purchased. Just not sure if they were eaten, as hard as the candy turned out to be.

One of the favorite carnival offerings was a cakewalk where you walked around a room to music