LOUISE: A Christmas Wish

With Christmas just around the corner, it suddenly dawned on me that we as adults never totally outgrow the Santa Claus syndrome. By that I mean that most of us still have wishes buried deep in our hearts that have yet to be fulfilled. Some are materialistic. Some superficial. But many are broken dreams.

DovesWe want to believe that miracles come when we need them. That fairytale endings still happen in romance. That family quarrels will eventually right themselves and friendships will last forever. Somewhere deep in our souls, we want to know that everything will be made right before our lives end on this earth. Like a child at Christmas who wants to find that special toy under the tree, we have wishes but are often afraid to believe.

But these kinds of wishes are way too big for Santa so who should we ask? If we are Christians, we know to make our requests to God. But we do it haltingly, hesitantly, because these are huge requests and we’ve made them before and nothing changed. The miracle didn’t come. The prodigal didn’t return. The divorce still happened. And some of our dearest loved ones died.

And somehow at Christmas we are more aware of such things. Sometimes life hurts. Faith runs out. Trust fails. And the pain is just too much. I understand. I’ve been there and so have many of you. I’ve experienced the loss of two children, a grandchild, a parent and my husband of 45 years. I have visited the pit of clinical depression and wrestled with despair. I’ve asked God the hard questions, the “why” of all of these things. I’ve turned my back on him at times, but thankfully, he never turned away from me.

And that, my friend, is why I am writing this piece. For those who are struggling with the “whys” in your lives during this holiday season. For those whose sadness won’t lift or whose sorrow still lingers. Know that grief has no timeline but neither does love. If you loved someone so desperately that your mourning has stretched into years, then you loved and were loved deeply. Count it a blessing!

If despair is your constant companion then reach out for help then offer your support to others who are struggling. Hope is a powerful and savory elixir. It can be a lifesaver. Hope will turn your thoughts outward instead of inward. It’s part of the Christmas spirit.

HollyBut here is the best news. It’s the greatest gift you will receive this Christmas. There is a God in heaven who created you for one special reason. It’s called LOVE. He created you for his own joy. He delights in you. He honors you. He sings over you and holds you when you weep. He is the light in your soul. The dance in your steps. The song in your heart. God is the creator of all things and he counts you as his greatest masterpiece. You are his heart’s desire. You are his child and you are loved!

Do you need a better reason to celebrate this holy season? It’s the birthday of Jesus Christ, the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. The Deity who came to earth and sacrificed his life in order to make heaven possible for all of us. So gather your family and friends. It’s time for a celebration!

Wishing you a blessed Christmas!

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