Looking For Butterflies


I love a good story, especially when it involves 5-year-olds.

My son, Aaron, is a school administrator and also bears the title of Director of Arts Integration. Though I won’t try to explain that, it’s the reason he happened to be with a group of kindergarteners who had been studying the life cycle of butterflies. And what better place to teach a child about butterflies than the renowned Compton Gardens of Bentonville, Arkansas?

Aaron was pointing out a chrysalis on a leaf to the kids when a butterfly suddenly caught their attention. Of course, Aaron asked if they could name the butterfly. The group went quiet, then one little girl spoke up and said, “I think we should name it Alissa.”

Wow! Not the answer he expected but it started an avalanche of replies. “I’ll name it Kevin,” said one little boy, then another asked, “How about Bob?” The kids all chimed in until Aaron explained he was asking for the type of butterfly. “Have you heard of a Monarch Butterfly?”

The same little girl offered a comment, “It can be Miss Monarch Alissa.” And so the afternoon went. When they were ready to leave, Aaron complimented the children and paid special attention to a little boy wearing a Spider-Man jacket complete with a hood along with his miniature mask. Aaron told him how glad he was to have a superhero like Spider-Man along to help keep everyone safe.

As they were leaving the gardens, little Spider-Man caught hold of Aaron’s hand and looked up with teary eyes. “Mr. Jones, I’m not really Spider-Man! I didn’t want you to think I lied to you.” Oh, what a moment! The heart of my own son broke as he knelt to comfort the young pupil. 

Knowing Aaron as I do, I imagine there were two teary-eyed people at that garden. You see, my son, the teacher, was also once a 5-year-old superhero. And that’s why I can easily imagine that little kindergarten Spider-Man bursting through the door of his home after school and shouting, “Mom, the teacher thought I was the real Spider-Man!”

Now that’s a story!

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