Local Eats: The Meat House

If you’ve ever spent hours planning and preparing a meal you were excited about, but decided to cut a few corners and were disappointed with the results, you know how important it is to choose quality ingredients—especially when it comes to the main dish. Nothing makes it easier to put an amazing meal on the table than starting with the highest grade, prime cuts of protein. It’s all about the meat—tender, juicy, perfectly seasoned and melt-in-your-mouth delicious. No cook wants anything less for their efforts in the kitchen.

For years, Edmond’s unique neighborhood grocer and butcher has been a staple for seasoned cooks and those of us looking to make everyday meals like we’re pros. The Meat House makes it happen. One step into this incredible shop and your taste buds light up with their endless selection of USDA prime or choice grade beef, all-natural chicken, pork and fresh seafood, plus cooked meats and side dishes ready to take home, heat and serve. Whether you’re eager to cook or grill, or ready to eat right now, this is your go-to spot.

Weeknight Wonder
Especially on those nights when you’d rather eat snacks for dinner than go to the grocery store after a long day of work, a stop at The Meat House brings new life to the table. Their prepared, house-marinated grilled chicken has a just-right smoky flavor and charred texture that rivals your best-ever summertime meal on the grill. “The smoked salmon is another popular take-home item,” says Stephanie Hill, General Manager. Paired with side dishes like their seven-cheese loaded macaroni (yes, seven!), including cheddar, provolone, parmesan, romano, blue cheese and two types of mozzarella, your dinner is an instant success. You’ll find other favorites like broccoli salad, marinated mushrooms and twice-baked potatoes, too. The chicken salad is a true find, made with regionally-sourced, all-natural chicken and some kind of creamy, magical mixture that gives it a rich, slightly smoky flavor, unlike any chicken salad you’ve ever had. You’ll want to eat it with a fork, right out of the container, on the way home. (That’s never happened).

Get Grilling
It’s never too early to dream about the weekend or about grilling out, especially this time of year, and The Meat House is the star of the season. You haven’t had a burger until you’ve tried their 85% ground chuck made with both prime and choice filet mignon and ribeye trim. Their awesome variety of filet, rib-eye, strip, top sirloin, T-bone and porterhouse steaks never fails to satisfy either. And the expert staff is always happy to offer helpful cooking tips and suggest just the right spices, rubs and marinades, including Made in Oklahoma selections. “The Meat House has a small-town feel where people are comfortable asking for advice,” comments Hill.

The Party’s at Your House
Whether it’s a special occasion you’ve been planning or a last-minute get-together, The Meat House is always a crowd-pleaser. Grab their house-marinated steak tips or order bacon-wrapped Nathan’s hot dogs. Pick up luscious desserts, bread and craft beer, or simple necessities like milk, deli meats and condiments. Shopping at this full-service neighborhood grocery is a food run you’ll actually enjoy! 

Don’t miss their Customer Appreciation Open House July 20, 12-4pm, with great giveaways, samples and store specials.

Look for weekday specials on Facebook or visit The Meat House at 2249 W. Danforth Rd. in Edmond or www.edmondmeathouse.com

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