Local Eats: Paradise Rolled Ice Cream

Welcome to paradise…how can you be anything but happy when you’re greeted with those three words? That’s exactly the cheerful vibe and sense of anticipation that Paradise Rolled Ice Cream in Edmond wants you to feel the minute you walk in the door. And it works! 

Sun-washed walls and beachy decor invite you to decompress and delight in a sweet indulgence that’s worth every calorie and carb. Taking a vacation from your diet for a minute or watching the kids’ faces light up as the pros concoct a dreamy treat just for them – it’s a great escape we all need once in a while. Owner, teacher, beach-lover and ice cream enthusiast Shari Ferris says, “This is my happy place. When I can’t be on a beach, I bring the beach to Edmond.”

Roll with it!

There’s something about the structure of the luscious, rolled ribbons of ice cream that enhances the way you eat and enjoy it. It stays frozen longer, looks decadent and eats in silky, portioned bites that allow you to taste all the flavors. A small amount of lactose-free, flavored milk is poured onto a stainless steel surface chilled to -27 degrees. Select mix-ins are added and the mixture is smeared quickly with a spatula until creamy. “When it’s like a wet snowball, you section it into wide strips and roll them,” Ferris explains. The cylindrical rolls are placed upright in a cup and finished with toppings. 

Watching the process is half the fun. Kids stare, mesmerized by the artistic treat taking shape before them. They especially love blowing out the flaming marshmallow like a birthday candle before it tops their s’mores ice cream.

Living the dream

Paradise owner Ferris has been teaching school in Oklahoma for 25 years, discovering her true calling was in special education halfway through her tenure. Having always dreamt of owning an ice cream store, she dove in seven months ago and opened Paradise. “I want it to be a unique experience, a gathering place,” she says. Here, guests enjoy a fun game of Corn Hole, Tic Tac Toe, Mancala or Connect Four while satisfying their sweet tooth.

Destination: flavor

Deciding on your selection is serious business. Start with nine ice cream flavors, from the classics, to cheesecake, key lime, butter pecan and more. Choose mix-ins like cinnamon roll, brownie, bacon or a dozen others. Finish with cookie, candy, nut or fruit toppings. It’s exciting to make your own masterpiece. There are no wrong answers here!

The house specialty creations are as much fun to peruse as they are to eat…well almost! The Shark Bite is a refreshing mix of mango, Tajin and pineapple. The Jabacon Me Crazy infuses chocolate ice cream with bacon and maple syrup, decked out with salted caramel and wafer sticks. One of the highlights is ‘Another One,’ famously crafted by Ferris’ grandson, Brason. Vanilla ice cream and Oreos are topped with Swedish Fish and a cherry. “Once you have one, you’ll have to have another one,” he says. This one will make a kid out of anyone!

Visit 309 S. Bryant Ave. (corner of 2nd & Bryant), Monday – Saturday, 3-9pm. Ask about birthday parties and job opportunities for friendly people passionate about ice cream!

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