Venture into 2nd Street Wine Company in Edmond, and beers of every flavor, boldness and color greet you like an army of suds and hops.

From the usual suspects — nationally-known brews like Sam Adams or Boulevard — to the more generic Corona and Tecate, customers of the Edmond package store have a wide variety to choose from. More and more of those customers, however, are looking for something local, something brewed in their own city and state. “People are really excited about Oklahoma beer,” said David Ogden of 2nd Street Wine Company. “I’m looking at my shelves and there are five, technically six, brands that I carry that are just from Oklahoma. People aren’t just eating and shopping local; they are trying local beers now, too.”

From Edmond’s own Battered Boar Brewery to Oklahoma City’s darling COOP Ale Works and Tulsa’s Marshall Brewing Company to the original state breweries of Huebert’s and Choc, locally-brewed beer is enjoying a renaissance. In Edmond, the trend is no different. Customers north of Memorial Road want to drink a frothy brew that carries the flavors born in red dirt and waving wheat.

“As a whole, the craft brew movement has taken off nationwide,” said JD Merryweather, co-CEO and dir