Like Father, Like Son

In Sooner lore, it’s known simply as “The Kick.” With just three seconds left in a dramatic 1977 game against Ohio State University, Uwe von Schamann kicked a 41-yard field goal to bump OU to a 29-28 lead over the Buckeyes. That legendary kick is cemented in college sports legend, and now Uwe’s son, Duke, stands to keep the von Schamann name in sports news for another generation.

Duke, a 2009 graduate of Edmond Santa Fe High School, started his first semester at Texas Tech University on an athletic scholarship in August. While his father’s path led Uwe to football stardom, Duke hopes to find similar success in baseball. “I played pretty much everything from soccer to basketball until my freshman year of high school,” Duke says, “Then I had to pick one. I knew my future was in baseball.”

The third baseman and pitcher hopes playing for Tech will lead to a career in the Big Leagues, but if that doesn’t work out, he says he wants to be a high school science teacher.

“You don’t find that very often,” Uwe says. “Kids often focus on careers where they have the opportunity to make a lot of money, but he wants to teach,” Uwe says.

It seems Duke’s always had a clear head about priorities, even as a 6-year-old playing Little League soccer. His dad, who coached Duke’s team for eight seasons, once admitted to his son that he didn’t think Duke’s team would be very good that season. In reply, Duke reminded his dad, “Just a game.”

“Early on, when he was four, I could tell he was going to be an incredible athlete,” Uwe says. “I remember the first time (Duke) put