Lights… Camera… Bake!

Tiffany of Green GoodiesContestants…Start your ovens! Two
local bakery owners have turned their local raves into national television
appearances. Tiffany Magness of Green Goodies and Eric Smith of Sara Sara
Cupcakes mixed, baked and battled for $10,000 and a chance to showcase their
winning treats on Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars.”

We were contacted by ‘Cupcake
Wars’ to submit an audition tape and were given 48 hours to get it in,” says
Tiffany Magness, owner of Green Goodies. It turned out to be a calling from the
cupcake gods. The episode revolved around a baking theme that Magness and her
team were already familiar with, “the show was vegan specific, so we had that
expertise to our advantage!” The vegan-themed episode was an easy recipe for
Magness to follow. “It was nerve wracking, exhausting, and exhilarating all at
the same time,” she says. But juggling the hectic work schedule along with her
new growing traveling buddy presented the real challenge. “It was extra intense
because I was 14 weeks pregnant on the show!”

Magness wouldn’t be the only
Oklahoman showcasing her innovative cupcakes on the Food Network. Eric Smith,
owner of Sara Sara Cupcakes, also appeared on an episode of “Cupcake Wars” and
was just as shocked when he got an unexpected call from producers of the show.
Although he was confident in his abilities, Smith knew that it would take more
than just the right ingredients to get picked for the show. After submitting a
video that Smith describes as “really funny,” he was chosen to take part in the
show as well. 

Before taking a look at their
audition videos, show producers were initially drawn in by the unique deserts
offered at both bakeries. After taking one bite into Tiffany Magness’
delectable Green Goodies, it’s not hard to realize why she was chosen as the winner
of Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars.” They’re soft, sweet, moist and flavorful—a
little taste of heaven and everything that you would expect from a winning
cupcake. The taste isn’t the only reason why customers near and far are giving
this local bakery five stars. The sweet treats at Green Goodies are not only
delicious, but they’re made from nutritious ingredients which help make them
both appetizing and healthy.

Eric of Sara Sara“We offer vegan, gluten-free and classic
cupcakes every day,” says Magness. That’s right, having a small cheat treat at
Green Goodies might not put you completely off your diet. Magness wanted to
tailor her love of baking, health and nutrition by developing a recipe that not
only tasted great, but one that also met certain dietary needs as well. “Once I
discovered that this type of baking was unique to Oklahoma City, I decided to
start a cupcakery and share my goodies with the masses,” she says.

The masses have also been raving
about the 20 plus flavors at Sara Sara Cupcakes. Smith was quick to point out
the various qualities that help set his bakery apart from the rest. “There’s
not another shop that does them as large as we do,” says Smith. “We make
everything from scratch and use only whole ingredients.”

Since both contestants are cooks
at heart, they’re thrilled about getting back to a normal routine and meeting
the many friendly faces that flock to their stores following their show
appearance.  “This has been very exciting
to see so many new faces in Green Goodies and hear all the awesome feedback
from the show,” says Magness. People have been really supportive and excited
which has been overwhelming in ways that I can’t express.” Magness never
imagined that she would go on to win “Cupcake Wars.“ Her unexpected victory was
her favorite moment of the entire filming process. “I felt so accomplished and
I was genuinely surprised,” she says. “The competition was fierce. I really had
no idea who would take it!”

Although Smith was not chosen as
the winner of his episode, he’s sharing his love of baking with fans of the
show and is excited to cook up more of his tasty ideas. His main focus is a new
product only available at his downtown bakery—the Cupshake. “It’s cake and ice cream all paddled together.”

Bon appétit!

Locations for Sara
Sara Cupcakes include 17 E 5th St. in Edmond, 7 NW 9th St. and Penn Square Mall
in Oklahoma City.

Green Goodies is
located in Classen Curve at Western & Classen.


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