Light the World Around You

Lighting has the power to create and transform any room. It’s a simple accessory that can easily compliment any design style. Your choice in lighting is important and there are several parameters to consider before you begin shopping.

You first need to determine what the lighting will be used for. If you need a lamp that will provide a high light output, you should select one with a lightly colored shade. A lamp used for decoration doesn’t need to give off the brightest light, so a darker shade is suitable for this purpose.

Choose a lamp that is an appropriate size for where it will be placed. A thin, candlestick lamp would be fitting for a narrow or small table, while a thick lamp is best for a large table.

Height is also a factor to take into account. Short lamps look better on high tables and taller ones on lower tables. Take measurements before you begin shopping to be sure the lamp will be tall enough to cast light over your shoulder. The bottom of the shade should be just lower than eye-level.

It’s also important to consider how many watts you’ll need to light the area. Switch on a lamp in your home and take note of the brightness, then notice the wattage. If it’s not stated, multiply the voltage and current amount together.

“Most people don’t know that no more than 180 watts are allowed in lighted ceiling fans,” said Stacey Loud, manager of Hunzicker Lighting Gallery. They’ll take the light home and realize it isn’t bright enough to light the room by itself.

When you’ve found a lamp that suits your needs and decor, you’ll want to step a few feet away to make sure the shade hides the bulb and the socket. If a portion of the bulb is peeking out, it can be blinding.

Notice the type of bulb your light uses: LED, CFL or incandescent. “Over the years incandescent wattages have slowly been derated to decrease energy consumption. You can’t buy a 100 watt light bulb anymore,” says Loud. “Compact fluorescents are supposed to be the way to go, but the concern is where to properly dispose of the bulbs because there’s mercury in them.”

“LEDs are the way things are going,” Loud adds. “It’s green, there’s no mercury in them and the light will last forever.” The expense is what holds consumers back and they will sometimes resort to purchasing LEDs online. “You have to be careful, sometimes you won’t get what you’re expecting.”

Lighting plays a significant role in your home and with these considerations in mind, you will be well informed and ready to make your next lighting purchase.

Hunzicker Lighting Gallery is located at 501 N.E. 122nd St. IO Metro can be found at 3248 S. Broadway. First Dibs is at 15020 Bristol Park Blvd. Lifestyles is located at 1801 W. 33rd.

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