Life Changing Loss

life changing loss

Life Changing Loss

Joshua Hodgson was 12 when he decided to pursue a career in the prosthetics industry. It was an unusual choice, but his motivation was with him daily, or rather, not with him. Bone cancer took part of his a leg when he was a child.

Now, he’s been working full-time in the industry for eight years, but Hodgson has 27 years of experience wearing the same types of technology he’s helping other amputees to wear. He knows first- hand what it’s like to experience the muscle spasms, back pain and the constant soreness of alignment issues.

“I compare it to wearing old shoes,” Hodgson said. “Over time, shoes become uncomfortable and cause soreness and blisters. At the end of the day, you just want to take them off. We feel the same way about taking off our devices—except we really need them to do things, like get in the shower or go to the restroom.”

The good news is that the technology of artificial limbs and braces continues to improve, with better feet, knees and arms coming out all the time. Fortunately, Oklahoma is a strong leader in all aspects of the industry, from research to fabrication. A g