Kathy Anderson on Route 66

Videographer & Historian Documents the “Mother Road”
As a child in Pennsylvania, Kathy Anderson loved watching George Maharis on the TV program “Route 66.” Years later, after moving to Oklahoma, she traded her childhood crush on the TV star for the Mother Road itself. A photographer, video producer, writer, director and editor, Anderson has videotaped many legs of the Oklahoma section of Route 66. What started out as a fun video for a friend’s birthday party grew into something much greater.

After videotaping the footage for her friend, Anderson decided to try her hand at making a video for the public by taping travel footage and various sights along the Oklahoma segment of the highway. She found that many pivotal events and characters in the national story of the road centered on Oklahoma. After taping, Anderson set the video to music and released “Cruisin’ Oklahoma 66.” The following year, she introduced a spin-off line of T-shirts and caps. More merchandise, such as postcards, followed. What was once Anderson Productions Video took off in a whole new direction.

Enamored by the historical road, Anderson joined the Oklahoma Route 66 Association, serving as secretary and president throughout the years. She also started the association’s Trip Guide publication and joined the National Historic Route 66 Federation.

Later, Anderson collaborated with Jim Ross and Jerry McClanahan to do a video called “Bones of the Old Road,” which was a different approach to the highway. “Bones,” as Anderson calls the venture, is available in VHS and DVD format at the Oklahoma Visitor’s Center on I-35 and NE 122nd and her website (www.cruisinroute66.com). Both places also carry Anderson