Kamryn’s Outreach Club

Although Kamryn Yanchick lives a middle-class life in Edmond, she is not immune to the challenges of poverty. She is steeped in the knowledge that one generation ago, her mother was raised in a 100-year-old house that was falling apart. Rats infested the neighborhood. No one had hot water. Some neighbors found it safer to sleep outside in the yard than under a caving roof.

Instead of running from her past, Kamryn’s mother instilled in her children to be grateful for their present comforts. The Yanchick family regularly returns to their now-abandoned lot in inner-city Oklahoma City. It is a reminder and a lesson: give back by helping the less fortunate. 

“My great-grandmother was a full-blood Native American who barely spoke English. She washed clothes in order to feed her seven children, but she would always invite needy people to dinner—even if it was just beans,” Kamryn said.

Since Kamryn’s childhood, her family and extended family have had the monthly tradition of getting together at the o