Jo’s Famous Pizza

Jo's Famous Pizza

Jo’s Famous Pizza

Custom pizzeria, famous for a reason.

Pizza. Just say the word and everyone is all in. Possibly the best share-able comfort food on the planet. So delicious in its basic form, it was only a matter of time before we discovered this humble pie had hundreds of crazy-good flavor combos waiting to happen. Whatever taste you love, it’s probably trending in pizza. Tacos, Reuben Sandwiches and BLTs on pizza? Yes please!

No one champions pizza trends like Jo’s Famous Pizza. Established in 1962 in Purcell, OK, Jo’s brought its culinary magic to Edmond in 2009. Now a staple in the community, this custom pizzeria thrives on excellent house-made dough, handmade sauces and creative toppings. Owner Dar Powers shared a glimpse into the traditions that have made this pizzeria a success for five and a half decades.

Where do you get inspiration for new flavor combos?

I have a great meal somewhere and think, ‘We could make that a pizza,’ so we give it a try. Some work and some don’t. We also listen to customers’ requests. There are a ton of options when it comes to pizza and we believe, as a custom pizzeria, that if the customers ask, we can do it.

What are the most popular pizza choices at Jo’s?

First, our famous Sooner, with seven meats for our seven National Football Championships. Also, our famous Combination with a little of everything, from Canadian Bacon, pepperoni, hamburger, sausage and ham, to mushrooms and green and black olives. The famous Cowboy is also a favorite, layered with Head Country BBQ sauce, fresh ground chuck, house-cooked bacon and onions. The famous Mediterranean with olive oil and garlic sauce, mozzarella cheese, fresh spinach, grilled chicken, sun dried tomatoes and feta cheese is also a top choice.

What are some of the new menu items you’ve added recently?

Our newest item is our famous Caprese pizza. It features olive oil and garlic sauce on extra thin crust with mozzarella, feta and parmesan cheeses and baby heirloom tomatoes, cooked and topped with fresh basil and our house-made Balsamic Vinaigrette. 

What do customers love most about Jo’s?

Everyone loves the log cabin building, of course, but the kids love the fresh dough they get to play with. As a kid, I hung out at the restaurant and got to play with the dough and had a great time. Moms love the salads and dads love the pizzas. And everyone loves the lunch special—a fresh, made-to-order pizza, any way they want it, plus a small salad and drink for $10.99.

What is your favorite pizza?

The Combination with jalapenos and extra cheese added. It is what I always had when I ate with Aunt Jo at her pizza place in Purcell as a kid growing up.

Jo’s Famous Pizza is located at 900 S. Kelly Ave. in Edmond. Visit for more, or to order online.

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