Jordan’s Funny Socks

Socks Again

Film Title: Socks Again 

A 4-min comedy film written by 12-year-old, Jordan Black, from Edmond’s Deer Creek Middle School. 1st Place Winner, 2020 Will Rogers Film Festival, category 14 & Under.

Film Scene: Grandpa, the late Paul Black, walks around the house, keeps seeing socks everywhere

GRANDPA: “Socks again? Socks again?”

Grandpa wonders why this is happening, and he’s in for a funny surprise.  

Film Director Interview

JORDAN: I made my first movie, about superheroes, when I was nine. It was fun. Now I want to be a movie director. Last year, I had my grandpa star in a film called Jingle Bells, and he was funny, so I wanted to use him again.  

Socks Again was an accidental family collaboration, inspired by Jordan’s mom, Melody Black. In fact, many of the “mom” things that Melody says get discussed at the dinner table and then become fodder for Jordan’s films.   

JORDAN: I was talking to Dad one night before bed, and Mom walked in and said, “Socks again?” Dad and I looked at each other and we knew that was going to be my next movie. I wrote a script outline. Grandpa adds things in.   

MOM: Grandpa has no acting experience. He’s just a goofball. And a good sport.  

Mom and Jordan laugh

JORDAN: It took about an hour and a half to film Socks Again and an hour to edit it. 

Jordan’s parents both have a background in the arts. Melody sings and acts at church, and Jordan’s Dad, Jason Black, used to act professionally in Los Angeles. 

MOM: He was in several television shows and movies, including Friends. For the last 16 years, he’s done movie reviews as part of the Film Critics Association on KJ103 radio. That’s how he heard about the Will Rogers film contest. So, yes, we are big into the arts. We take the kids to see musicals and plays. Jordan and I usually have season tickets to the ballet. 

JORDAN: I like to act. I’ve been the main character in several plays at my aunt and grandma’s church. That’s what got me into acting, and now I’m enrolled at Kismet Arts Studio & Theater. 

JORDAN’S SISTER: Me, too. I saw my brother acting, and I thought it would be fun, too.

JORDAN: In 6th grade, I tried out for Mufasa in The Lion King, but my teacher picked me for Zazu, the funny bird who’s the sidekick. She said that’s more my personality, more funny.  

Although COVID-19 caused the Film Festival award’s ceremony to be cancelled this year, Jordan was pleased when his trophy arrived in the mail. He plans to continue movie-making. 

JORDAN: I made one film that was like Home Alone, and it got over 4,000 views. Now I’m working on a stuffed-animal version of War of the Worlds. Next, I want to do a comedy murder mystery where the whole family comes over to eat, and everyone keeps dying.

MOM: That’s another plot inspired by something that happens at our house all the time. The situation, not the dying! 

Jordan, Mom and sister laugh.


Watch to see Socks Again.

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