It’s a Small World

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Several years ago, my late husband, Carl, and I loaded our three kids into our van and headed to Florida for a fun vacation. After three days on the road, while stopping at historical sites along the way, we arrived at Cocoa Beach, Florida, where we rented a small apartment on the beach. It was a great place to dig our toes into the sand and enjoy the surf after a hectic day of sightseeing.

We immediately hit the Kennedy Space Center where we were among the last group having the privilege of visiting the space shuttle site. We also made it to Sea World, and of course—Disney World.

Looking back, it’s hard to imagine keeping up with a young teen, a pre-teen and one small enough for a stroller. Ah, to be that young and vigorous again. The greatest challenge was the heat. Florida is beautiful but it’s hot. Of course, Aaron and Paula wanted to ride everything in sight, and often dragged their dad along while Jay and I rested in the shade.

It was on one of those scorching, hot days when we all climbed aboard a boat for the “Small World” ride and floated through a cool, cave-like wonder of colorful marionettes singing and dancing to the music of different countries. It was lovely and definitely my favorite.

Today, my son, Jay and I are self- isolating at home because of the coronavirus and it definitely feels like a “Small World” around us, quite unlike the theme park. But in the midst of this isolation, I am overwhelmed by the number of friends who, knowing our situation, have texted and offered to shop for groceries, pick up medication and more.

Sometimes the worst situation brings out the best in all of us. And like my friends, I also want to help so I pray daily for an end to this pandemic. I pray for family, friends, the medical community, those fighting this illness and more.

I also thank the Lord for health and protection and the wonderful people who are not only helping Jay and me, but serving others as well. What a blessing! 

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