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Maybe I should move? That’s what I was thinking the last few months. So I talked to a realtor. Did you know that there is no “a” in the middle of that word? I have always pronounced it with 3 syllables – real-a-tor. Well I’ve been duly corrected. Onward.


I live a small footprint existence in a large footprint house. It’s just me, my dog and a cat I feed regularly but rarely see. I have the upstairs blocked off with a baby gate which functions quite well as a doggie gate. I am a prime candidate for downsizing, but then I remember buying, selling and moving is a lot of work – and a lot of stress. Besides, there’s enough real estate stuff going on all around me…


My stepdaughter and son-in-law put their house up for sale in Colorado and are moving back to Edmond (yay – I’ll have my grandkids nearby). The Denver area just wasn’t for them.


Future Home of Back40 Design and Edmond Outlook Magazine 


Out in southern California, my dad’s house just went on the market. He passed away in March. My sisters and I are sad to see it go – he loved that house. There are a lot of family memories there but it will make a great home for another family. 


I’ve been spending my Sunday afternoons at open houses all over this fine city. Alison is selling her house in Deer Creek and is house hunting in Edmond and North OKC. 


And finally, I recently closed on five city lots on Hurd Street downtown. Kind of exciting. Kind of scary. I plan to build an office for my businesses, Back40 Design and the Outlook magazine. Hopefully, we’ll break ground in the fall. 


All these changes put any thoughts for moving on hold. Besides, I like Chimney Hill. My neighbors are great. I like being near Hafer Park, I-35 and Spring Creek, and the hazelnut coffee at Panera. For now, I’ll keep living in my small footprint life and I will do my best to keep the word “realtor” to two syllables.



Dave Miller



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