In Other Words With Dave – March 2021


There she goes. Walking around the house with a tape measure, pencil and graph paper. Alison’s consumed too many hours of renovations, improvements and house flipping. She’s all about the HGTV. 

While our neighbors have been busy with actually doing home improvement projects, my wife and I have to be content with just planning our projects. We’re not doing – we’re discussing… thanks to my recent pesky medical issues. We’ve been stuck at home recovering. So lucky me – there’s no end to plans and upgrades we can discuss. 

One day it’s a plan to de-wallpaper and paint an accent wall. The next day it’s a plan for a full master bath remodel. I’m a supportive husband, I listen, absorb, offer feedback and ready myself for her next do-it-yourself idea. 

A few weeks ago, we did undertake a sorta-kinda home improvement project. We put together an entertainment console Alison ordered online. It only took us a year of staring at the router, Apple TV and associated cables tangled up on the floor to decide on a suitable solution. I say “we,” but she actually put the unit together. I was in charge of handing her tools and supervising annoying her. I admire her can-do attitude, it just doesn’t mesh well with my current “I need to sit down” energy level.

That adventure led to some more decorating-lite projects. Ordering throw rugs. Hanging some art. And rearranging furniture. We almost overdid it, as she came dangerously close to taking a sledgehammer to the built-in shelves in our living room. “Honey, not just yet, let’s slow our roll.” 

Can you sense it? I do. There is a pent-up feeling permeating our house. Once I’m back to regular me, it’s time to bust out big time with home improvement projects and knock out that honey-do list. Until then, I’ll continue healing and being a good listener. 

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