In Other Words With Dave – March 2019

Dave and Brooke

Have you ever met anyone famous? That topic of conversation came up the other night while having dinner with friends. I enjoy hearing stories from each person. Sports figures, a newscaster, a famous author – all good tales. When the focus came around to me, I started by asking, “Do you want to hear about Charles Schulz, Howard Stern, Brooke Shields or Sir Anthony Hopkins?” I now have their attention. We decide to go with Brooke.

When I was 15 years old, Brooke Shields and her mom moved to my small, quiet northern New Jersey town of Haworth. To be more specific, they moved one house away from mine. Their home was like a mini-mansion – almost a castle. It was slightly out of place on a street populated with tidy modest homes. News of the famous, young actress and model moving in caused quite a stir in town.


On moving day, like my other nosey neighbors, I just happen to be outside hoping to catch a glimpse of Brooke, but all I really see are moving vans and boxes. I’m about to give up when I see a neighbor and school friend, Lynn, walking toward my house – with Brooke Shields. Oh wow. Lynn lives on the other side of Brooke’s house and somehow she met her.
As they approach, Lynn introduces me and tells me they are walking downtown so Brooke can get a few things from the pharmacy. Brooke invites me to come along. Oh wow again. And we all head downtown. I honestly don’t remember much about the conversation – just the experience.

I lived in that neighborhood another four years and never saw or spoke to Brooke again. What did Brooke need at the pharmacy? She bought a toothbrush and toothpaste. Thanks, Brooke, for a truly great ‘brush’ with fame story.

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