In Other Words With Dave – June 2020


Who are these people who dare to enter my personal space? They walk around, talk, touch things, interact with me… who are they? Wait! It’s Rachel, Richelle, Jennay, and Jon, they work at Back40. And they are back – one-third of our “work-from-home” crew has returned!

For the past 10 weeks, it has been SO quiet here at the office. Alison and I and our trusty office Aussie, Bailey, have manned our outpost at Covell and Kelly. As the days and weeks blurred together, this team of three tried to make the best of a sad situation and fend off loneliness. Occasionally our day was highlighted by the sheer excitement of a random UPS delivery. Oh, the excitement!

Looking back, having an empty office saved some dollars on utilities, paper towels and office snacks – a small victory in the larger scheme of business. And sure, a relaxed office attire had its perks: T-shirt and jeans. Shoes optional. Hair sometimes combed. Teeth always brushed. Make-up optional. Actually make-up has always been optional for me – so no big deal there. My sad state of office fashion became very apparent one afternoon, when my UPS guy asked me, “Didn’t you wear that shirt yesterday? Sign here.” Um, no, you’re mistaken, that shirt had a different motorcycle on it.

Even under normal working conditions, we’re not an excessively loud team, but there’s definitely a flow of conversation and interaction involved in developing web projects and digital marketing. There’s client phone calls, meetings, coffee chit chat, communication, communication about miscommunications, and the occasional birthday celebrations. Alison, Bailey and I missed that. Welcome back!


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