In Other Words With Dave – February 2021

In other words with Dave

If you’ve been following along, in 2019 I got married to a wonderful lady named Alison. While we dated, we traveled a lot. Dined out a lot. Took motorcycle trips. Zipped around in a little sportscar she suggested I purchase (I didn’t even know I liked convertibles). We got married on a beautiful beach in Maui. Everything was wonderful. We’d spend every waking hour together. We still do, but things are different now. I was diagnosed with cancer last year, and my awesome valentine has taken on the role of caretaker during my treatments. 

This is not what I wanted for either of us. I am so grateful for Alison’s love, care and companionship through these treatments. In the last 6 months, we’ve spent 128 days out of state for treatments. There were weeks when I really didn’t do much but sleep, sit and stare. She’s been my rock through the pain, treatments and recovery. 

I don’t know how she does it. Well, maybe I do. I lost my first wife to cancer 5 years ago this month. And I was her caretaker. It’s humbling now to be on the receiving side. Alison’s been driving me to treatments, making sure I take my meds, advocating for me with the insurance company and doctors. Doing the shopping, the cooking – and taking care