In Other Words With Dave – December 2019

In Other Words With Dave

It’s that gift-giving time of year, when procrastinators procrastinate and the smart shoppers shop smart – I guess, I wouldn’t know. What do I get Alison? I’m not really sure. We got married this year, so it would be hard to top her rings with a bright shiny gift. Although she probably wouldn’t mind me trying.

If you are influenced by advertising, apparently nothing says love like buying your spouse a fine European luxury automobile – and surprising them by parking it in the driveway with a giant red bow (que the gently falling snow) – yeah, she’d probably like that. And I would only need a second job to pay for it. I’ll put that on my “not this year” list.

Here’s a few things for the “Not to get your wife for Christmas” list:

  • A gift certificate for Botox
  • A gym membership
  • Any exercise equipment
  • A new washer and dryer
  • A therapy appointment

Actually, I have the perfect gift for the season – this very cold season. This year, I’m giving the gift of sunshine. We’re celebrating in sunny California. Just my wife and her girls. We will stay at an Airbnb right on the beach a few blocks from my sister and her family.

I hope you make some wonderful memories this season no matter where you are or what you do. Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas – whatever works best for you!


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