In Other Words with Dave

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Several years ago, while driving from California back home to Oklahoma, I stopped for the night in Albuquerque. In the morning I proceeded to drive back toward California – it took me over an hour to realize my mistake.

Yeah, I’ve made some good mistakes, some blunders, some missteps, and screw-ups. Here are a few of my favorites.

  • I once ordered a Ceasar salad with ranch dressing. My date was not impressed.
  • Way back in the ‘00s, I hired a programmer that had previously stabbed someone. Note to self: Background checks.
  • On my honeymoon in Maui I waited in line for over an hour at the wrong rental car company. Not a great way to start the “memory of a lifetime” trip. Alison married me anyway.
  • I once switched shopping carts with someone – when I say “switched,” I mean I thought theirs was mine. I didn’t realize it until I checked out.

And this just in: In our last issue, I incorrectly titled the designer of the tiny houses for Pivot OKC as an Architect. Brent Gibson is the Owner/Lead Designer at Brent Gibson Classic Home Design.

Dave Miller

Publisher & Back40 Design President

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