In Other Words with Dave

I have no idea how to farm or raise cattle, make a candle, or bake pretzel bread, but I do know where to get amazing local products. Have you been to the Edmond Farmer’s Market? 

Let’s go. I’ll show you around. It opens at 8 AM, but I suggest you get there early. You know what they say about the early bird… they get the best free samples. I think that’s how it goes. And I’m all about free samples. How about Baklava, assorted cheeses, bread, and old-timey candy brittle? 

If you enjoy fresh produce, why not buy directly from a farmer? It doesn’t get any fresher unless I figure out how to grow asparagus and broccoli, and that’s not my jam. And if jam is your jam – there’s a vendor with a table full of different flavors. 

And hello, beef rancher – I’m grilled to meat you. Despite my terrible dad joke, they sell me a ribeye, sirloin steak, and a pack of hamburgers. Another rancher is grilling up some all-beef hot dog samples or what I’ll call Breakfast of Champions this morning. So good. 

Around the next aisle, fresh-cut flowers, house plants, T-shirts, mushrooms, pottery and spices—all get our attention. Thank you, local farmers, bakers, producers, ranchers, and artisans. 

The Farmer’s Market is open on Saturdays from 8 AM to 1 PM in downtown through November 2nd. Parking is easy, and the picking is good. 

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