In Other Words with Dave


Last month I was writing this column and drawing my little cartoon from a hospital bed at Mercy. I got pneumonia. I was in for 6 days. Just another gift of having cancer and low immunity I suppose. With the Outlook deadline approaching, there was no way I wanted to disappoint the several people that read my column every month. I asked Alison to bring in my laptop and drawing stuff. 

While I was busy penning my cartoon, my oncologist came by to see me. He listened to my lungs, poked my chest, and as he went to check my calves and ankles, he asked if they were swollen, I told him no, they were still “quite shapely.” That made him laugh out loud and I felt better. Interesting how that works. 

Friends have asked me how my diagnosis changed me. Sure I can give them a list of physical and mental changes, but I think what I really have noticed is an increased appreciation – and volume – of laughter. When I can crack a joke and make other people laugh – it’s the best feeling in the world. And when someone or something makes me laugh, I forget everything else – an equally wonderful feeling. And if we are laughing together, we are sharing a moment of pure joy. 

May your time between laughter be short. And if you have an oncologist, may they have a sense of humor. 

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