In Other Words With Dave

I probably got into business for the wrong reason. I simply wanted to help. I’m a creative and I enjoy the creative process. Helping business owners market their businesses with new ideas and new technology was really fulfilling for me. Getting paid was a bonus, but not the reason for my vocation.

Over the years, it’s gotten more complicated.

All this became very apparent to me in a busy Phoenix Airport terminal last month. I was there for a 2-hour layover. Waiting at my gate, I was relaxed and ready for my vacation. From my calm perch in the bustling airport, through the crowd, I noticed an older couple in front of the men’s room entrance. The gentleman was having difficulty getting out of his wheelchair, his wife was struggling to get him to his feet. People zipped by – too busy to help. I headed over to the couple. I ended up escorting a very unsteady William by the arm to the restroom. I waited on William, guided him back, and carefully helped him back into his wheelchair. Mary thanked me. And I was on my way. I was just there to help.

There was no negotiation for services rendered, no allocation of resources, no scheduling, no fussing over who got credit, or discussions if the act “sparked joy” or not. I wish my business could be more like that again, and I think it can be. It’s definitely something to work toward, so maybe I’ll run some numbers on that, and have a meeting or two.

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