Hunt 4 Him

In far southwestern Oklahoma, in the rural and remote countryside near Hollis, two young men who share a love of hunting and a passion for God, have combined the two ideas, helping young people learn more about them both.

Hunt4Him was started by current Edmond resident and physical therapist Jay Wheat and his longtime friend Darrion Luce, who lives in Hollis. Both Wheat and Luce are driven by passion and succeeding through their ministry with heart-felt enthusiasm. The Hunt4Him vision is clear: “We want to see people, young and old, learn about the love of Christ through Bible studies, while hunting, fishing, or participating in other outdoor activities.”

Wheat says that growing up in rural Southeast Oklahoma offered limited activities for young people. However, one particular passion – hunting – was ever present. Luce shared this interest with Wheat, and while both went to college to start their own lives, they stayed in touch, nurturing their ministry idea.

The two friends finally decided to set up a hunting area on land in Harmon County, belonging to Luce’s father-in-law, where they could take youth hunting and fishing. They provided the shotguns, bows, arrows, and even the Biblical message. The passage they often point to is from Proverbs 27:17, which states: “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”

“It was two years ago that we did our first hunt,” said Wheat, beaming with pride. “All of them harvested a deer. Most of them have never hunted.” Even children with special needs have been on wildlife adventures with Hunt4Him ministries.

Out at the hunting site near Hollis, there is an old house they’ve converted into a hunting lodge and a large Army tent the groups can sleep in during cookouts. “It all depends on the event,” Wheat said. They complete devotionals in the evening and look for natural opportunities to talk about Christ and the church while working with the youth.

The two founders will go beyond the boundaries of their land in Harmon County to minister too. Hunt4Him has an education trailer to go to other locations, if needed.

Recently, Wheat and Luce were in Carnegie, Oklahoma putting on a “Doe Hunt for At-Risk Youth.” Luce was out hunting with a boy who is deaf as well as blind in one eye, but leaving his disabilities behind, the youth felt the thrill of shooting a six-point buck during the event. “It’s incredible,” Luce said. “The dad said we have had a lot of bad memories, and visits to the hospital, and this has wiped a bunch of those memories out.”

“We do simple things like put on hunts, but it’s life-altering for families,” Luce said. “It’s a good memory that lasts for a lifetime.” Wheat hopes young people learn a skill, gain confidence and get a positive, Christian message through
Hunt4Him programs.

Currently, the ministry is uniquely geared toward males because, “We have found that men are most receptive when allowed to be themselves doing something they love.” However, Wheat is eager to help youth of both genders. “Women and girls are also welcome. This is not just for men and boys,” he said.

If you’re an individual or group considering a Hunt4Him excursion, Wheat says, “Come out into the outdoors and we’ll take it from there.” For more information on Hunt4Him, contact Jay Wheat at 405-471-4798 or email

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