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The Not In Here Story children's book

A mom and dad are trying to be parents.

The Seeks find something is missing in their lives, and they think becoming parents will be easy.

It’s not.

They travel to the rainforests, to the mountains, to the desert and to far off places to find their baby, and even though Dad asks “Did you check your tummy?” at each place, Mom says, “No. Not in here.”

The parents get more and more frustrated. Finally, Dad stops asking the question and Mom stops answering. But when they return home, a blast of inspiration makes them realize they’ve been looking in the wrong tummy all along.

The Seeks find their baby growing in someone else’s tummy.

This is the premise of the new children’s book “The Not in Here Story,” written by Oklahoman Tracey Zeeck, owner of Bumbershoot Public Relations in Oklahoma City. Not only is it a quirky, fun and colorful book about the origins of adoption, but it’s also a deeply personal one for Zeeck as well.

“The Not in Here Story is the way we told our son about his adoption,” Zeeck said. “We first started telling that story to him before he co