How to Make Your Halloween Party Scary Good!

SpiderwebIt’s that time of the year
again! The weather has changed and families are slowly preparing for the hectic
holiday season.

Before having to set the
Thanksgiving table or fill Christmas stockings, take a night to enjoy being a
kid again. Grab your witches’ brew and black lights—you’re throwing a Halloween
party. Whether you want to keep it family-friendly or have your guests so
scared they won’t be able to sleep at night, here are some tips that will make
this Halloween a scream-out-loud time to remember.


Cute: Get ‘wiggy’ with it by cutting a crazy
hairstyle out of contact paper and sticking it on your bathroom mirror. Your
guests will love Instagramming their temporary ‘do.

Scary: Tape plastic insects all
over the inside of your lampshade. The shadows of spiders and centipedes will
certainly give your guests the heebie-jeebies.

Scream-worthy: Place 2 to 3
heads of cauliflower in a large mason jar labeled “Pickled Brains.” Add 8 cups
of boiling water, 1 cup of wine vinegar and a dash of salt and pepper. Not only
will it look super creepy on the mantle, but you could even reach in and take a

Food & Drink

Cute: Cover a round cake with
black icing and place it on a raised cake stand. Tape 8 cute black ribbons to
the cake stand and let them hang down for an easy spider cake.

Scary: Set up a Poison Bar for
the adults at the party. Make DIY labels for the bottles and keep your olives
in a jar labeled “Eyeballs.” Suddenly your cocktails are way cooler when you
pretend they’re witches’ brew.

Scream-worthy: Cover pretzel
rods with melted white chocolate and place them in the fridge. Before they
cool, place a pumpkin seed at the tip of each rod. Your guests won’t know
whether to think your Edible Fingers are delicious or disgusting.


Cute: Sometimes when you’re the
party host, so much time is spent on the party that you don’t have time for a
costume. Make it simple: dress in a solid, bright color. Grab a party hat of
the same color. Boom. You’re a crayon.


Scary: Grab a teasing brush and
hairspray and make your hair stand on end. Spend the party carrying around a
toaster and fork. We’ve all had the unshakable fear of electrocuting ourselves
with home appliances.

Scream-worthy: Thanks to YouTube makeup
tutorials, looking like a zombie from The Walking Dead is totally doable.
Eating that pickled cauliflower brain you made for decoration will look much
more real when you’re covered in fake blood.

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