House of Vacuums

Bob March, Owner, with Tyler MarchBob March is fully aware of the
secret to his success. For over 15 years, he’s run a successful business in
Edmond. Over the last decade, he’s proven just how fruitful a company can be
when it truly caters to the customers it supports.

In business since 1978, House of
Vacuums was purchased by March in 1998. “We service vacuums and sewing machines
and we sell different cleaning supplies and products,” says March, though the
cleaning products aren’t what truly keep returning clients stopping by House of

After speaking with Mr. March
for a few seconds, his friendly persona and welcoming tone feel like an
introduction to a new life-long friend. It’s that warm spirit that has truly
kept March busy at the store. When asked about the key to the store’s success,
March doesn’t use the time to promote his products or services. Instead, he
praises the small community that has become the heart of his store. “Edmond is
a unique community because of the way they support their local businesses,”
says March. “We have loyal customers who have really treated us good through
the years.”

Customer service has become the
focal point of his business plan. While there may be a number of different
options for the type of service that he offers in Oklahoma, March says that his
company’s willingness to always put their clients first is what truly makes
House of Vacuums stand above and beyond, representing the standard of care that
customers deserve.

March doesn’t strike you as a
man who is using social media or the internet as a means to attract new
customers. Word of mouth has been the main campaign that has kept his business
thriving. March has also developed a strong knowledge base about the products
that he offers. As he intently talks about the best vacuums for people with
allergies and how to protect and keep your carpet looking new, it’s clear that
he is not in the business of selling products, but to build relationships. He’s
found a clever way to explain topics that he’s actually passionate about.
That’s a business plan that can never fail. 

With excellent service, quality
products, and an attentive staff, customers can count on House of Vacuums for
all of their maintenance and cleaning needs.

Stop by their convenient location in Bryant Square at 504 South Bryant
Avenue or call them at 341.4750.

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