Home & Garden: The Art of Home Staging

your home could be the difference between receiving an immediate
offer and waiting on the market for months.

this buyer’s market, it’s critical that a home is accurately
priced and show ready,” said Edmond realtor and resident, Kay
Pratt. “It’s a fact that staged homes sell quicker and for more

is strong and home staging could be your key to a quick and
successful sale. “The biggest benefit of home staging is that
prospective home buyers are able to see themselves living in a home
rather than the current owner and it will often sell faster,” said
Edmond Home Stager and Realtor, Kristyn Grewell.

first impression of a home starts with the front yard. “Studies
show that good curb appeal carries a strong to moderate impact on the
salability of a home,” said Pratt. “Not only is good curb
appeal restful and makes a buyer feel welcome, it can also bring as
much as 15% more value to your home.”

the front of your home clean and manicured. “Approach
your house from all angles to see it from a buyer’s perspective
said Grewell. 

your home is on the market, consider hiring someone to maintain the
yard and landscaping,” Pratt says. “It’s easy to put together a
fabulous container of flowers for the porch or replace a drab mailbox
with a dramatic new one.” The front door is often the focal point
of a home, so consider painting it an inviting color or replacing it.

staging your home, you’ll first want to de-clutter and
de-personalize. This is the least expensive and yet the most
challenging home staging suggestion. It can be difficult to remove
your personal stamp, but it’s an important strategy in helping
buyers see themselves living in the home, instead of you.

you’re planning to move anyway, simply box all the family photos up
along with any collectibles and put them in storage. “Keep a basket
on hand to gather odds and ends that accumulate throughout the day,”
says Grewell.

remove unnecessary furniture and make sure your décor is updated and
appealing to the general public. “A few large accessories in a room
are much better than many small, individual accessories,” Pratt
says. She recommends using an attractive display of candles, a
tall urn with natural bamboo shoots or a large colorful rug, which
adds warmth to a room. Use furnishings that are in good repair and
store the rest. Add luxurious pillows and throws to drape over sofas
and chairs.

also want to deep clean your home, windows and carpet. Polish
woodwork and perhaps paint the walls a neutral color.

a showing, turn on several lamps, set the dining room table and pull
furniture in and away from walls to create a cozy atmosphere. Clear
small appliances from the countertop Take down menus and schedules
from the refrigerator, and keep all personal hygiene items in baskets
under the sink.

an occupied home is being shown, it’s imperative that the
homeowners be gone from the property,” says Pratt. “Buyers
feel hesitant to see a home as potentially theirs when the current
homeowner is around, even if they’re outside in the backyard.”

agrees, “I always recommend that homeowners leave the house show
ready; beds made, blinds open, counters wiped down, lights on, etc. I
think it is best for homeowners to not be home during showings and
allow buyers privacy while previewing the home. If that is not
possible, sellers should step outside or take a short walk.”

your home can be frustrating, stressful and overwhelming at times.
It’s difficult to emotionally detach from your home, but taking
advantage of useful staging tips from the experts could get you moved
into your new home sooner.

tells me that it’s better to have a home completely ready than to
risk losing a single buyer if a home is shown before it’s time,”
said Pratt. “My advice to a seller is always this: less is
more. It’s important not only for a home to be clutter-free
but to be pleasantly appealing to the eye so exhausted buyers can
mentally move in.”

list your home with Kay Pratt, call 641-5754. To reach Kristyn
Grewell for home staging or listing assistance, call 615-2796.

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