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Full Color Gardening

Now that the snow’s gone, Edmondites have gardens on their minds. This time of year Davison’s Nursery’s Jayson Davison gets inundated with questions about how to put together a mind-blowing garden.

Davison gets asked a lot about plant hardiness. Oklahoma’s summer heat can be rough, but there are lots of options out there for great garden plants that can take the punishment.

Says Davison, “There’s a vast variety of home grown bedding plants that are acclimated to the Oklahoma climate. Try Mexican heather, blue daze, trailing verbena, lantana, sun coleus or magilla perilla. Petunias, periwinkles and bougainvillaea are also good heat and drought resistant plants.”

Shade gardens are popular here, as well. Davison recommends lobelia, shade coleus, hostas, fern and begonias. “For the most colorful shade garden you should try impatiens – they come in just about every color.”

Some good trailing choices for both pots and beds include vinca vine, bacopa, asparagus fern, English ivy and sweet potato vine. “But,” says Davison, “for the most beautiful patio pots only the best will do. Tropical hibiscus, dragon wing begonias, dahlias and golden delicious salvia all have gorgeous color all season.”

Solid perennials that do well in Oklahoma’s heat include coreopsis, ice plant, candytuft and sedum.

“It’s important to remember that you want garden plants that are acclimated to Oklahoma weather so they thrive and provide rich color throughout the summer,” says Davison.

For more information, visit Davison’s Nursery at 330 W. Memorial Rd. or call 405-748-6983. 


Decking It Out

Bill Cooke likes a challenge and more importantly, satisfied customers. Cooke’s Custom Decks’ motto has always been “Quality Not Quantity.” That’s the only way that owner Bill Cooke will build a deck, pergola or balcony. Cooke knows that decks and balconies are truly an extension of a living area and a beautiful deck is a great place to relax and unwind.
Says Cooke, “We design and build decks, pergolas and fences of all sizes, whether a small porch or a two story balcony. Nothing is too small or too large for us to design and build.”

Cooke uses only the best materials for his projects. His favorite is TREX™, a composite material that’s purely “Go Green.” It’s made from recycled and reclaimed wood and plastic. Cooke is the only registered TREX™ pro-gold contractor in Oklahoma.

When Cooke first started designing and building decks in 1981, cedar was the material of choice. Later, redwood became popular but neither has the ability to resist the everyday wear and tear on a deck – heat, cold, hail, ultraviolet rays and especially moisture.

TREX™ decks also come with a 25-year limited and transferrable warranty. It’s a smart way to protect a
homeowner’s investment.

With TREX™ the wood protects the plastic from ultraviolet ray exposure and plastic shields the wood from moisture. Unlike with straight wood decks, there is no rotting, cracking, splitting, warping or termite damage.

TREX™ offers a palette of seven rich colors and three distinct finishes that make any homeowner’s deck their dream deck.

“It’s a joy to meet potential customers,” says Cooke. “I enjoy putting our heads together to plan and create a custom deck, pergola or custom fence to meet their needs.”

For more information, call 405-341-5584 or visit www.cookescustomdecks.com.  

Redesigning Without Rebuilding

“When considering a kitchen or bath remodel, remember the difference is in the design,” says Brenda Helms of Edmond Kitchen and Bath. As Lead Designer for the company, Brenda and Associate Designer Megan have developed a reputation as the people to turn to when you want a truly custom kitchen.

Edmond Kitchen and Bath combines every aspect of kitchen and bath remodels under one roof: design, quality craftsmanship, and designer wall and wood finishes. “While we sometimes build custom cabinets, or use factory-finished brands, our Kitchen Makeover process has been the highlight this year.” says Brenda.

Using in-house carpenters and finishers, the company has perfected the process of transforming a kitchen without gutting it. “Sometimes a total remodel is the best solution, but often we can achieve a completely updated look without tearing everything out and starting over. You’d be amazed at what we can do with minor carpentry changes coupled with custom finishes,” says Brenda.

Robert Helms, co-owner, adds, “Quality means paying attention to details, but the real difference in a remodel comes from the design. Brenda and Megan take great pride and special care to design for the individual, constantly striving to use their creative abilities to provide fresh, innovative ideas that span a full range of design styles.”

Robert also attributes much of the company’s repeat business to its outstanding crew. “Because we specialize in occupied homes, we often get as many compliments about the relationship the homeowners develop with our crew as we do about how well they like the finished product,” he says. “We provide a level of confidence unrivaled in the marketplace today.”

Take a virtual tour of some recent projects at www.edmondkitchen.com. Contact them at 405-285-1926 when you’re ready to discuss the possibilities for your kitchen or bath.  

Fearless Furnishings

Earle Haggard, owner of Haggard’s Furniture, has been in the furniture business for a very long time. His family store celebrated its centennial anniversary two years ago. Over the years he’s heard every question a furniture shopper can ask. Below are tips he passes on to help customers find quality furniture at reasonable prices.

First, always buy from an established, local dealer. This guarantees the best possible service. Says Haggard, “Sometimes service is more important than the product.”

Second, always buy American. Domestic furniture manufacturers use higher quality material and operate with stricter standards. Haggard’s carries the Amish solid wood and upholstery lines of Simply Amish and Smith Brothers, both reliable and American brands.

Third, there’s no substitute for knowing everything you can about the furniture you’re shopping for. Learn as much as you can before you buy. Many of the companies customers have come to trust over the years simply don’t offer the same quality products that they used to. Many of these companies have also stopped producing domestically.

Fourth, demand lifetime warranties, not “limited” lifetime warranties. “Manufacturers that offer better warranties tend to make better furniture than their competitors,” says Haggard.

Fifth, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Use salespeople as resources. Good salespeople want to make sure customers get the right product. Give as much information as possible to your salesperson so they understand and address your concerns. Says Haggard, “A salesperson with good information can lead a customer to the best leather, cushion core, longest wearing fabric or best cleaning code for the customer’s individual needs.”

Sixth, price isn’t the only consideration. As is often also true of cars, the least expensive isn’t always the best to buy. Over the long haul, the lowest price can lead to the most expensive product.

For more information, call 405-942-1985 or see Haggard’s web site at haggardsfinefurniture.com

Set In Stone

Richard Thomas of Accent Innovations is a busy man. But he always takes time out to help his customers choose the right concrete for their needs. Accent specializes in the beautification and repair of garden variety concrete. Below are the top five questions he gets from new customers.

What textures, patterns and colors can it have?
Several texture types are available. Use slip-resistant surfaces near pools. Other popular textures include brick, tile and flagstone. There are 25 acrylic colors to choose from. Additionally, custom colors can be mixed to match clients’ needs.

How does it work?
The overlay is a Portland cement, silica sand and dry acrylic resins that we add a liquid acrylic polymer and acrylic to. The liquid polymer allows the overlay to sink down into the existing concrete itself, improving bonding and extending the life of the overlay.

How long does it take?
Most jobs take one to four days. The overlay can be walked on the day after completion. The product lasts for a decade with no color fading. Our products are used all over the world and in many different climates and weather conditions.  The overlays that we use reach 7000 psi at an 1/8th of an inch, which is twice the strength of most concrete we walk anddrive on everywhere.

How much does it cost?
Cost varies from project to project. Determining factors include the size of the project, its location, repairs to existing concrete, patterns, textures and materials used. We handle interior, exterior and commercial jobs. But regardless of the type of project, the cost depends on the same factors.

Why not replace the concrete instead of repairing it?
Concrete repair is generally less expensive than removing and replacing concrete. It typically requires less equipment, traffic, noise and damage to the landscaping.

For more information, call 405-249-3045 or visit www.concrete-accent.com.  

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